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Road Toll Violations

18- Wheeler Road Toll Violation

In the state of New Jersey, evading tolls can lead to hefty fines and a criminal record. I have seen several cases where the driver doesn’t pay and ends up being charged criminally with theft. You risk the consequences even if it’s a mistake such as, when your E-ZPass doesn’t have enough funds to cover the cost, or if you took the E-ZPass lane through a toll plaza because you were way behind on a deadline.

Truck drivers are being greatly affected by the increasing fares, cutting into their profits. It might seem very tempting to just run the toll, but it will cost you significantly more in the long run and could potentially jeopardize your CDL. It is in your best interest to stop and pay or find an alternate route. Crossing the George Washington Bridge or the Lincoln Tunnel will cost 18-wheeler drivers a small fortune, so if possible try to avoid those when traveling through New York City.


Road Toll Penalty

In the past few years toll prices have skyrocketed, which means that consequently the fines for not paying one of these tolls has risen as well. Regulations for failing to pay include the following payable amounts:

  • Atlantic City Expressway $55-$112
  • New Jersey Turnpike $55-$142
  • Garden State Parkway $55-$106

If you find yourself in a position with receiving a criminal charge because of tolls, it is important to call me as soon as possible so I can review  the issue with the missed toll and see if the criminal charge can be dismissed. I’ve had great success assisting truck drivers with just this issue.

Whether you are native to New Jersey or a resident of another state, rest assured that your case can be handled with the professionalism and diligence you deserve.  If you want to learn more and seek legal assistance on how to fight a fine coming from an unpaid toll ticket from Fort Lee or other crossings, give me, David Polsky a call at (973) 686-9787 or email me at David@polskylegal.com for a free consultation.  Don’t let a ticket hang over your head. Take care of it now.