Avoid Getting Pulled OverIt is against the law for police officers to pull any driver over anytime they want, as this would constitute an unreasonable seizure prohibited by the 4th Amendment to the United States Constitution. Instead, a police officer must have either a warrant for your arrest or reasonable suspicion that you have violated a law. There are many traffic laws that can be violated anytime you are on the roads. While it may be impossible for you to be aware of every single traffic law, there are some basic steps that you can take to help prevent getting stopped by police officers.

  1. Check your lights – Your car has many different lights that can burn out and, when they do, you can bet that a police officer will notice and use it as a reason to pull you over.
  2. Keep your registration current – If you have outdated registration tags on your car, it is just asking for police to pull you over. In addition, never try to put the wrong plates on a wrong vehicle to try to avoid titling and registering a new car because police will notice if they run your plates.
  3. Comply with window tinting regulations – In New Jersey, you cannot have your front windows or windshield tinted. Many people do, however, and many people get stopped by police for this reason.
  4. Always come to a complete stop – You may be tempted to roll through a stop sign or when making a right turn on a red light. However, if an officer sees you failing to come to complete stop, you will likely get pulled over.
  5. Always signal – Using your turn signals every time you change lanes or make a turn is an easy way to prevent violating a traffic law.
  6. Do not speed – Speeding is tempting for almost every driver, especially if you are in a hurry. Even if you have never seen a cop on that part of the road before, one could be there waiting as you speed by this time.
  7. Do not hang anything from your rearview mirror – Many people hang air fresheners, dice, a good luck rabbits’ foot or many other things from their rearview mirror. This is a violation of New Jersey law, and is a leading reason why motorists get stopped in New Jersey.
  8. Put down your phone – New Jersey has strict laws against using handheld devices to talk, text, or for any other purpose.
  9. Stay sober – Even if you think you are okay to drive, avoiding all driving after drinking is an easy way to avoid a DWI.
  10. Do not have warrants for your arrest – If an officer runs your plates and sees that you have a warrant connected to those plates, not only will you get pulled over but you will likely be heading to jail.

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