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Reinstating Out of State Driver’s License

Polsky Law-Out of State Drivers License ReinstatementLet me David W. Polsky help you with your out of state driver’s license reinstatement today! If you live out of State and have recently been told that you cannot obtain or renew you driver’s license because of an issue arising from New Jersey, I can help.

Reinstatement Drivers License Process

This matter can be resolved and you do not need to come back to New Jersey.

This hold is due to the newly created National Registry of Driving Records, which every state now is required to check before issuing or renewing a driver’s license. Although this can occur in any State, I have seen this happen most frequently in Florida, California, Texas, Georgia as well as almost all other States. If the National Registry shows any outstanding offense from New Jersey, even unpaid parking tickets, you must resolve this matter, no matter how old, before you can get your license reissued.

Once I understand what your open New Jersey ticket is from, I can contact the local Court, set up a date, and usually have this matter resolved by affidavit, so I may appear on your behalf and you will not need to come back to New Jersey.

Call Today to Get Started!

I will make this process quick and easy for you. It takes one phone call to my office and we can begin immediately so you can restore your license. All matters I accept are on a reasonable flat fee basis. We accept all major credit /debit cards, and payment plans are available. I offer a free consultation either by phone or in my office. Feel free to call me now at: (973) 686-9787. I have been admitted to practice law since 1991, and offer experienced legal assistance to help in your matter.