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Juvenile Criminal Defense Attorney

Charged with a Crime

If your child has been charged with a crime, you will need to hire an experienced attorney immediately in order to ensure their best interests are being looked after. I understand fully that few things in life can be more stressful then when your child faces these issues.

The first step when representing your son or daughter is to have a heart-heart to see what really happened, if they are guilty of the charges, and why this occurred. After understanding this, I will be able to advise both the parent and child on what is the best course of action.

In a Juvenile matter, I have found that every case has a unique set of circumstances and issues, and each case must be examined by their own facts.

The ultimate goal is to either reduce or eliminate the penalty for your child, while ensuring there is a stable and suitable home situation.

Depending on the charges, often I can resolve these complaints through “Periods of Adjustments” where the matters are placed in a “hold” period, and if no future problems occur, charges can be dismissed.

I understand that mistakes do happen, and that if your child has been charged with a crime they cannot let one bad judgment call ruin their whole life. Our goal is to make this a one-time occurrence with no long term lasting effect on their lives.

Attorney Costs

All matters I accept are on a reasonable flat fee basis. We accept all major credit /debit cards, and payment plans are available. I offer a free consultation either by phone or in my office. Feel free to call me now at: (973) 686-9787

I have been admitted to practice law since 1991, and offer experienced legal assistance to help in your matter.