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Erase Criminal Record

Erase your Criminal Record with an Expungement. David W. Polsky will help you with your Expungement in Northern New Jersey. An Expungement is a way to erase a criminal record and/or erase the record of arrest.

  • Applying for a job? Looking to get into College? Want to join the Military?
  • Trying to buy a house or rent an apartment? Looking to apply for a loan?
  • Want a gun permit? Want to adopt a Child?
  • Tired of having your name ruined? Just looking for a fresh start?

Don’t let a past mistake continue to hold you back. Once completed, your past arrest and conviction will vanish from the data banks utilized by information companies and sold for background checks.

The Expungement process is a way to remove a record so when asked, “Have you ever been arrested or convicted of a crime” your answer will legally and officially become NO!

Do I need to come into your offices?

No, in today’s busy world many people just don’t have the time to come into our offices. We have streamlined the process so that all needed information can be gained through a telephone interview.

Will I need to appear to Court?

Probably not. The overwhelming vast majority of cases will not require a Court appearance. However, there are always exceptions depending on the individual facts.

What is an Expungement

An Expungement does not destroy your records. Instead, once granted by the Court, your offense “…shall be deemed not to have occurred.” Persons doing a background check through New Jersey State Police or through the FBI will receive a response that there is “no record.” Additionally, after you expunge your criminal record, you are legally entitled to state that the arrest or conviction never happened. Under the governing Statute of 2c:52-1 an Expungement if granted means that your records will be “extracted and isolated”.

Will an Expungement Arrest Show Up

Under New Jersey Law, if you apply for a job with a law enforcement agency or with the judicial branch of government you must report that your records were expunged. Also, if you have expunged a previous conditional discharge or PTI (Pre Trial Intervention) you must report the expungements, as you would not be entitled to go through this program again. Expungements must also typically be revealed if you are having an immigration issue.

When Can I Apply for Expungement

This depends on what was the final outcome of your charges. If you were arrested and not convicted, typically you can apply for an Expungement immediately. If you successfully completed a PTI or Conditional Discharge program, the waiting period is typically 6 months. If you were convicted of a town ordinance the waiting period is typically 2 years. If you were convicted of a disorderly or petty disorderly offense, the waiting period is typically 5 years. If you were convicted of indictable offense the waiting period is typically 10 years, but is possible to be as short as 5 years in some instances.

When does this time period start to run?

The times run from the date that the judge imposes sentence, the date you pay all of your fines (with some exceptions if you paid the substantial amount of your fines) , the date you successfully complete parole or probation, or the date you complete your jail or prison sentence, whichever comes last.

Expunged Criminal Record

Is an expungement effective if I am applying for a Professional License?

Yes, unless you are applying for a license to practice law, you need not report any matter which has been expunged for a professional license. An expungement is effective for teachers, real-estate brokers, stock brokers, bankers, barbers, taxi cab drivers, and virtually any other professional that requires a license that does not involve law enforcement or the Court system.

Is an expungement valid if I wish to get a gun permit?

Yes, and you will not need to report any matter that has been expunged on your application.

Is an expungement valid if I wish to adopt a child?

Yes, and you will not need to report any matter that has been expunged on your application.

How Much Does an Expungement Cost in NJ

Our Law firm offers a reasonable flat fee of $900 for most expungements – This includes all filing fees, certified mailings and postage. There will be no additional or hidden cost to you. Payment plans are available!

Don’t let a past criminal record or arrest hold you back. Call me now for a free consultation at (973) 686-9787
David W. Polsky Admitted to the New Jersey Bar in 1991.