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Assault Attorney

Facing Assault Charges

Call me today… David  W. Polsky assault attorney in Northern New Jersey. If you have been charged with the crime of assault, you should look to hire an experienced attorney immediately in order to preserve your legal defenses as well as have the opportunity to enter into a possible plea bargain with the State of New Jersey.

If this is a first time offense, and you have no past criminal record, I have been very successful for my clients in getting the charges conditionally dismissed through a plea bargain so at the conclusion of your case you will not have a criminal record and all you will need to do is pay a fine.


Simple Assault vs Aggravated Assault

Assault Under N.J.S.A. 2C:12

Simple Assault will typically occur when there is any unlawful contact with another, and there is no weapon used, nor is there any “serious bodily injury” that occurs to another. Aggravated Assault will typically involve more serious injuries, use of a weapon, or other factors that the State will view to deem this higher charge.


Hiring a Lawyer

Once you retain my legal services, I immediately contact the Court and enter a Not Guilty plea in writing on your behalf, as well as request all of the discovery (evidence) the State of New Jersey has against you. I then seek a postponement of your Court date until all of this evidence has been sent to my office and reviewed. Remember, the State must always be able to prove you guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

Criminal charges can have very serious long term consequences on your life, and you need to take equally serious steps to defend yourself properly in Court. For all clients I represent, I will take the following approach:

  1. Investigation- I will order and review all discovery from the State, and determine how strong the State’s case is against you. Also, in assault cases, we must determine if you need to file a cross complaint charging your accuser with assault if appropriate.
  2. Analysis- After review of the discovery, I will discuss with you the strengths and weaknesses of your case, and make recommendations on whether it is in your best interests that I enter into plea bargain negotiations with the Prosecutor, or take your case to trial.
  3. Resolution- If it is determined that it is in your best interest to resolve your matter through a plea bargain, I will look to accomplish the following:
  4. Determine if your matter qualifies for dismissal through a Conditional Dismissal or Pre Trial Intervention Program
      • Avoid jail time
      • Seek to downgrade your offense to a lesser charge (possibly keeping it off your record)
      • Lower your fines


Legal Costs

All matters I accept are on a reasonable flat fee basis. We accept all major credit /debit cards, and payment plans are available. I offer a free consultation either by phone or in my office. Feel free to call me now at: (973) 686-9787

I have been admitted to practice law since 1991, and offer experienced legal assistance to help in your matter.