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Shoplifting Defense Attorney

In the state of New Jersey if you have been charged with shoplifting for any dollar amount, and if you are convicted you will have a criminal record. Once convicted, the penalties you face include jail, community service, probation, and a fine. The penalties can have a lasting effect on your life if not handled properly.

First Offense Shoplifting

In most cases, if this is a first offense I am able to have the charges conditionally dismissed without any criminal record occurring!

I have found from years of experience representing defendants on shoplifting charges that most people fall into two main categories. Many people charged with shoplifting I represent are embarrassed, have had few or no prior issues, and often wonder how they could have let themselves make such a stupid mistake. I have also had clients who did nothing wrong, and the stores have just made a mistake.

No matter what occurred, you should feel free to call me at (973) 686-9787 so we may discuss your available options. I will give you a free phone consultation with no obligation. If you decide to retain my services, I offer reasonable flat fees, with payment plans possible. If you are unable to get to my office, we can get started initially by phone.

What you can expect from my representation for all shoplifting charges:

  • Investigation – I will order and review all discovery from the State, and determine if the police followed proper procedures, and if so, how strong the State’s case is against you. This discovery normally includes: all police and security reports, video tapes (when available) and any statements that might have been given
  • Analysis – After review of the discovery, I will discuss with you the strengths and weaknesses of your case, and make recommendations on whether it is in your best interests that I enter into plea bargain negotiations with the Prosecutor, or take your case to trial.
  • Resolution – If it is determined that it is in your best interest to resolve your matter through a plea bargain, I will look to accomplish the following:

Conditional Discharge for Shoplifting

Move for a Conditional Dismissal to avoid a criminal record

  • Avoid jail time
  • Seek to downgrade your offense to a lesser charge
  • Lower your fines

If you have been charged with a shoplifting, you are facing a criminal record that can carry serious penalties. When you call me you can feel confident that you will not only get my personalized individual attention, but that you will also have my 20 plus years of experience as a licensed attorney to protect and fight for your legal rights.

David W. Polsky Admitted to the New Jersey Bar in 1991.