What You Should Know about Probationary Licenses

What You Should Know about Probationary LicensesYour teenager is driving, and for most of you it’s probably a bittersweet moment (mixed with a lot of high anxiety). But take a deep breath and remember that this isn’t just a rite of passage for your teen, it’s also a rite of passage for you. This is your opportunity to help your teen become the most responsible driver he or she can be. Get informed, and then get to work. Although it probably won’t feel like it during those sleepless nights to come, the time is going to fly by.

Probationary Driver: Probationary Restrictions

Young drivers are at the highest risk for being involved in traffic accidents. New Jersey recognizes this fact and has instituted a graduated driver’s license program that is relatively strict in response. Young drivers must be at least 17 years old and must first earn a learner’s permit and an examination permit before they can obtain a probationary license, which is a restricted license with attendant restrictions:

  • The driver cannot drive between the hours of 11:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. (without obtaining a special exception for something like a job or school).
  • The driver can only have a limited number of passengers in the vehicle.
  • The driver cannot use a cellphone or any other mobile device – not even hands-free devices – while driving.
  • The driver and all passengers must always wear their seatbelts.

A Small Offense Can Have a Big Effect

Because teen drivers are so susceptible to traffic accidents, it’s important that you both increase your efforts to commit to safe driving. Any juvenile driving offenses that they might commit can have significant financial (for you) and driving-point (for your teen) consequences. It’s a great idea to consider this endeavor a team effort, and take the time to make sure that your teen understands the grave consequences and responsibilities that accompany the privilege of driving.

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