Three Tips to Remember During Your ExpungementWe all make mistakes; what’s most important is that we learn from those mistakes and then leave them in the past where they belong. Expungement is the legal equivalent of just that – learning from your mistake and moving on. An effective expungement can wipe your legal slate clean by removing or expunging the crime from your permanent record and by opening your future up to brighter financial, credit, and employment opportunities.

Will Expungement Work for Me?

There are several major factors to consider when contemplating whether you are a good candidate for expungement:

  • You’ve successfully completed all the terms of your sentence. Generally, your record cannot be expunged if you haven’t successfully fulfilled all the terms set forth by your sentence. By doing so, you can present compelling evidence that you are not only remorseful but that you are also responsible and invested in moving past the crime.
  • You are committed to change. You made a mistake, but you haven’t made a habit out of repeating that mistake. You are remorseful about your crime, and you have since turned your life around by fully participating as a contributing member of society – working, going to school, volunteering, or contributing in any number of important ways.
  • You’ve obtained a thorough background check. Before filing for an expungement, it’s imperative that you obtain a complete personal background check to provide the judicial system. An experienced expungement attorney can efficiently obtain this information on your behalf.

In New Jersey, there is also a conditional discharge program – that is sometimes available for a person facing a drug charge – in which a diversionary drug treatment program is implemented instead of a jail term.

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