Traffic Stop Members of the Delaware State Police were met with a surprising find after a routine traffic stop earlier this month that yielded a far different result than they had ever suspected.

The department pulled over a bronze Cadillac SUV for speeding on I-95 southbound, outside of New Castle and south of SR-141. The stop occurred in the area known as the ‘Sandbox’, just south of the DelDOT yard.

Inside the car was the operator of the vehicle and a passenger. The driver was a 27 year old woman, who was driving under a New Jersey license that was suspended. The passenger in the front seat, a 32 year old man, did not have a license. After the license situation was established, the police officer on the scene noted a smell of marijuana coming from the vehicle, and quickly realized that their situation was about to change.

After noting the marijuana smell, the officer requested that the people in the car exit the vehicle, and he commenced to search the car. He then unearthed a massive amount of heroin, bundled up into 1499 small bags, 22.48 grams. There was a large bag on the third row floorboard of the SUV, which contained all of the smaller bags.

Upon further investigation, the officer also uncovered $7,900 in the glove box suspected to come from drug proceeds. The value of the seized drugs themselves has not been released.

The two individuals were taken into police custody without incident and have been charged. The passenger has been charged with the possession of heroin. He is now being held in the Howard R. Young Correctional Institution, in lieu of a secured bond of $60,000.  The driver, the 27 year old woman, was let go with a traffic citation for speeding, driving without a valid insurance, driving while suspended, and for possession of marijuana—nothing for the heroin existence.

This is a classic example of a case where the defendants are facing multiple types of charges at once: for their traffic violations as well as the criminal drug charges and consequences. Here at the Law Office of David W. Polsky, we have extensive experience working with complicated cases such as this one, and serve to give all of our clients the best outcome possible.

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